Residential and Rural Solar Systems

Residential and Rural Solar Systems

H & B Group provide professional solar panel services to both residential and rural properties, including houses, sheds, farms and a range of other solar solutions to suit your needs.  Servicing a broad area of both New South Wales and Queensland and stretching from Southport to Ballina and inland to Beechmont and a significant amount of surrounding areas, we can provide you with superior quality panels, service and installation at a more than reasonable price.

Living in this sub-tropical area spanning New South Wales and Queensland, provides a significant amount of sunlight all year round, so why not capture that and turn it into clean, green energy for your house or farm and take advantage of this environment long after your solar panels have paid for themselves.  With our huge range of Tier 1 solar panels and quality inverters, we will design a system based on your needs, whether it be urban home or rural area, and provide a system that will stand the test of time.

There is also a feel good factor in having solar panels installed on your home or shed. Living in an area with so many natural features, including World Heritage listed National Parks, beautiful beaches and fresh seafood, you can feel good as a contributor to clean, green energy provided by your new solar panels.  Solar panel systems will save you a large amount of grid electricity and associated costs and can pay for themselves surprisingly quickly.  We can assist you to work out when your system will pay for itself.
At H & B Group we understand that you might not know exactly what you will need to make the best use of this technology.  We are happy to sit down at your solar assessment and explain each system, recommend one for your situation and ensure you can make the right choice.  H & B Group have literally installed solar panels for thousands of homes and that many people can’t be wrong! Our testimonials give you some of our happy customers’ thoughts.
H & B Group are a full service provide, looking after the entire process from planning and design through to installation and after-sales services.  This service includes a 25 – 30 warranty on our products along with a 10 year guarantee on our quality workmanship.

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