Sunshine Coast’s most reliable solar panel installer

The Sunshine Coast and its regions are within easy reach of our services, benefitting from our recognized innovative solar energy solutions, supported by the initiatives recently commenced as part of the region’s ‘Knowledge Hub’ strategy for our cleantech business.

Consisting of several business and residential communities within the region, we are well placed to provide a comprehensive service delivery standard to meet the expectations local residents have come to expect. Matched with our award winning solar energy solutions and our understanding of the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the region, has made our service a preferred choice amongst the local communities.

Noting the breadth of various architectural requirements that exist within the region has meant our customized solutions are a flexible choice to suit the more traditional Queenslander home, working throughout the different residential and commercial styles, to the modern day townhouse or commercial office space. We have also placed a special emphasis upon understanding, and working with the specific requirements of the rural sector in this region, to deliver integrated systems that provide high confidence levels in our solutions meeting the demanding commercial needs of the farming and agricultural community.

We only carry the highest quality products at Tier 1 levels with significant guarantee terms in both the end product and our quality workmanship. With an extensive range to select from, we can cater for a wide range of custom requirements across the residential, rural, commercial and industrial sectors.

H & B Group were also highly recommended by a number of leading consumer websites.

H & B Group represent a quality choice in solar energy solutions, are a reliable provider with quality workmanship and can tailor any solution specific to your requirements. Investing with us is investing in your own lifestyle and preserving this for the Gold Coast community as well.

To take advantage of any offers, or to have your full and free solar assessment completed, please call us on 1300 001 390 today, or contact us for more information. Current special offers can be viewed here.

In an area with so many natural features, including World Heritage listed National Parks, beautiful beaches, and fresh seafood, you can feel good as a contributor to clean, green energy provided by your new solar panels. If you are a business, this also creates an avenue to promote yourselves as an energy efficient organisation, a big seller in today’s marketplace. More information on this can be found on the Commercial and Industrial page.

All solar systems provided by H & B Group are guaranteed to be Tier 1 panels, quality inverters and overall independent quality and service. All panels are guaranteed from between 25 and 30 years, and we also offer a 10 year guarantee on our workmanship. Providing services to residential, rural, commercial and industrial sites, we are sure to find the best solution for your individual needs from our extensive range.

H & B Group have established a robust business, relying on the best products and as a result, have received great feedback from our many residential and business customers alike. We are also highly recommended by a number of leading consumer websites.

From time to time, H & B Group gets a great deal on certain products, and we like to pass these deals on to you – our customers. If we determine that your site or building is a suitable place for the particular solar panels in the current offer, we will give you that great offer, often costing well below market value on those panels.