Great solar panel systems for Melbourne residents and businesses

Installing solar panels for Melbourne residents and places of business remain a popular investment option, even after the state’s feed-in tariff incentive was recently reduced. The economics of installing solar panels in Melbourne still remains a viable option since the cost of installing solar systems has decreased in the last few years. Based on the capital costs against the financial benefits and relatively short payback rate they are increasing in popularity. H&B Group can give you all the details you need to make an informed decision. Call today for a free assessment of your solar needs.
Ongoing cost reduction is a hot topic for the average household and business. The more you can reduce outgoing costs the more money stays in your pocket. You can potentially pay a lot of money to get an energy expert to come in and investigate ways to reduce costs. Going solar, as a way to reduce your energy bills, is a great place to start.

Melbourne has an average of 5:41 of sunlight per day. Did you know than more than 1.39 million roof top systems have been installed across Australia – as of the 7th of April 2015? Join the ones who have seen the value of solar and have taken the plunge. You can be sure that once your new solar panels are installed you will be so happy you did it; the fact that you start receiving immediate benefits in reduced electricity bills is a very attractive incentive.

A solar PV system is a complex electricity-generating piece of equipment, and to keep it safe and operating efficiently, it is vital to both maintain your system and operate it safely. H&B Group can establish a maintenance schedule that you can easily follow. The benefits are that it will operate correctly – saving you money, the system performance is maintained – saving you money and the system is safe for everyone who visits, whether that be friends, family or business colleagues.

There are various rebates and incentives available depending on your location. Take a look at this for page for additional information for Victoria – electricity feed-in tariffs. The Australian Energy Rating website also has an extremely informative PDF that you may find very interesting.

You will need to decide if you want your solar panels connected to the grid or if they are to be a stand-alone system. In that case you likely will need a battery bank. A stand-alone system is ideal for people who want to be self-sufficient, like a weekender in the bush or ones who enjoy the idea of having an eco-friendly property. Any member of our expert team are able to help present all options available to you so that you can make the right choice, call H&B Group today for a free consultation.